Sandy's Tanning and Nail Salon

Where you are treated like family.

Where you are treated like family.


Nails are by appointment only

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Includes nail shaping, hand soak, hand and wrist massages and fast-dry nail polish. Nail color options include top brands such as OPI and China Glaze.

Includes soothing foot bath, foot scrub and exfoliation, nail shaping, calf/ankle/foot massage and fast-dry nail polish. Same color options as manicure!

Acrylic Nails - Full Set
Durable, long-lasting and custom fit nails that are great for those who have naturally soft nails. Acrylic fill-ins are recommended every 2 weeks.

Fiberglass Nails
Lighter option for an artificial nail that is less damaging to the nail bed. Fiberglass fill-ins are also recommended every 2 weeks.

Shellac Gel Manicure
Includes the same pampering as the manicure but polishing is done with CND's no chip, gel polish for a longer lasting manicure. You will walk out of the salon with your nails completely dry!


Walk-in's welcome

Choose from either the 20 min standard bed or our 12 min SUPER bed! 
Available packages: 

  • 1 Session 
  • 10 Sessions 
  • 15 Sessions 
  • 20 Sessions 
  • Unlimited


Operated by Nicole. Appointments must be made directly through her.

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30 Minutes

60 Minutes

90 Minutes